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Berlin Microelectrode Array Forum

11-12 June 2024
Berlin, Germany

Fabrication and Applications

Co-located with 3rd International Forum on Neural Engineering & Brain Technologies

The Berlin Microelectrode Array Forum serves as a platform for the exchange of expertise and cooperation between developers and research institutions, manufacturers and users from the varied fields of multi-electrode array (MEA) technology. The Forum covers all aspects of microelectrode array research from fundamental physics and material development, to device microfabrication techniques, and emerging applications of innovative microelectrodes and microelectrode arrays in electrophysiology and clinical setting. The objective of the Forum is to integrate industry and research more closely and enhance the competitiveness and innovative strength of its partners through interdisciplinary cooperation.

Sessions include:
  • Microelectrode array systems, and fabrication MEA solutions for high-throughput in vitro electrophysiology, Micro/nano electrode arrays and sensors, Flexible protruding microelectrode arrays for neural interfacing in bioelectronic medicine...
  • Applications Microelectrodes and microelectrode arrays for electrophysiology studies both in vivo and in vitro, chronic and acute, New developments and applications of microelectrode arrays in neuroscience and cardiovascular research, Neurotechnology, drug testing, and electrochemical analysis...

2024 Speaker Preview

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